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On this page you will find the toys, kids are playing with these days. In order to play with them you will need:

If you have some nice page or article that you thing will fit here, leave me a note.

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The hardware you need to run all software listed bellow is the MAKInterface. No matter what you intend to do, the MAKInterface will make it possible.

The Makinterface PRO

  • requires NO POWER SUPPLY
  • exchangeable Quarz 3.579, 4, 6, 8 MHz
  • integrated FSK (Pager) decoder
  • Compatible with almost any serial Reader or programmer like Dumb Mouse, GIS SM1, LudiPipo, Litronic, Phoenix, SerProg, SmartMouse, and many others

ISO7816 Unit for programming

  • Atmel FunCard, Jupiter1, Titanium, ...
  • PIC White and Goldwafer, ...
  • GSM, Geldkarte, ...
  • Telefonkarte, I2C, 2-wire, 3-wire
  • Dataflash, Microwire, SPI
  • PC/SC driver available

Various plastic Smartcards

  • SLE4428, SLE4442
  • I2C from 256bytes to 32 KBytes
  • Goldwafer (16F84 + 24LC16)
  • Funcard (90S8515A + 24LC64)
  • Magnetic Stripe cards

Universal PCB for emulating

  • TwinPic, Triple, Quadra
  • Microchip Wafer, Goldwafer
  • Atmel Funcard, Jupiter1 and many other combinations
  • compatible with ASIM, Season1, Season2, HBEMU, Wallbanger

For programming PIC\u2019s, Atmel and EEPROM\u2019S in DIP, PLCC and SMD 24Cxx, 25xxx, 59Cxx, 93Cxx, CXK101x SDA2506, NVM3060, MicroChip PIC, TC8910x, Atmel AVR, Atmel MCS51, Motorola 68HCxx, HCSxxx de/encoder, NVRAM X24C44/45, Fuse Rom S2100

For programming GSM Phones

  • Bosch 908/909
  • Ericsson 3xx,6xx,7xx, Txx, A10xx
  • Nokia 3110,3210, 5xxx, 6xxx, 8110
  • Sagem 922,939,939
  • Siemens S10,S11,C25, S25, C35, S35
  • Sony CMD C5, CD5
  • and many other models ...

For programming Amateur radios, Radio Scanners, organisers, \u2026 AOR, Alinco, Casio, ICOM, Kenwood, Sharp, YAESU and most other. And for decoding digital signals like POCSAG (Pager), FMS, Acars, Golay and other 2-level FSK

Magneticcard unit for reading and writing magneticstripe cards. Supports RAW mode. Advanced Signal and data analysis options

SC8in1 interface - enables the connection and control of up to 8 smartcard units on devices, which do posses a serial port

You can also take your time and build 7-8 interfaces. In most cases you will need a external power supply and adjust some device for propper operation from time to time for some devices. Various Smartcards, GSM Phones, eeproms,  ... need different pullup resistors, buffers, ... You will always wonder if there is some error in your Interface or the Software configuration.

The MAKInterface is optimised for maximum compatibility and has been verified for work with almost any device. And a other importuned thing is that it does not require any external power supply. Imagine to programm a PIC12C508, a Wafercard or some Smartcard in Phoenix mode without having that power supply on your table. All you need is your Laptop and the MAKInterface

It is compatible with the most used Programmers, Interfaces and Software you will find on the Internet. Every Software on my page is running with the Makinterface, and there is a lot more.


Amateur Radio / Receiver Software


UNI-Clone - Universal clone utility v1.00 ( Goran Vlaski ) , generic Clone utility, YAESU VX1 ...

ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/ham/rigctrl/ a collection of Software for YAESU,ICOM,KENWOOD, ...

Soft-Rep (Goran Vlaski ) Software repeater


ARC8000 (Gommert Buysen), memory management, Spectrumscope, ... for the AR8000

RadioManager (Ben Saladino) AR2700,AR8000,AR8200, generic ICOM, Scout, ...


CI-V Explorer (AA6YQ) a Win9X/NT program to display and save CI-V messages

IC-T8 Programming Software

IC-T81 Programming Software

IC-W32 Programming Software

IC-R2 (ARC2) Programming utility (Gommert Buysen)

IC-R3 (ARC3) Programming utility (Gommert Buysen)

IC-R2 Programming utility 1.01 ( Goran Vlaski )

IC-R10 Programming Software

IC-Q7 Programming utility 1.05 ( Goran Vlaski ), Wide RX 0-30MHz, Adjustment mode, ...

IC-Clone - ICOM clone utility v1.00 ( Goran Vlaski ) , all ICOM's IC-T8, IC-T81, IC-R2, IC-Q7 ...


TH-G71 ( Kenwood ftp server )

TH-D7 ( Kenwood ftp server )

TM-G707 ( Kenwood ftp server )

TM-V7 ( Kenwood ftp server )


FT50 Manager v0.99beta (Goran Vlaski ), Software mods included

FT50/VX1 Programming for LINUX (Riku Kalinen ), Sources included

FT Manager (F6DEX) FT-736,FT-757,FT-840,FT-847,FT-890,FT-900,FT-980,FT-990,FT-1000

VX1R Manager v1.00 ( Goran Vlaski ), Software mods

VX5R Programming Software (Edward T. Grant and Jose.R. Camara), Software mods included

YAESU (1) Handheld programming Software

Car Adjustment, Config, Monitor

ALDLMON (Carsten Meyer) Software, Sources also available.

EFIlive (Paul Blackmore) Evaluation version available.

FreeScan (Andy Whittaker) Great ALDL Software, supports Lotus, Opel, Camaro, Pontiac, Chevrolet, ...

GCAR (Andrew Mattei) The GM ALDL Information Page, Infos and the free GCAR Software for ALDL

PCMComm (Dave Hempstead) >view engine sensor and PCM

TunerCat Software for the custom tuning of GM Light trucks and high performance cars

Digital Radio Signal Decoding Software

Etrunk This software provides a rudimentary implementation of Trunker for Ericsson/GE systems

Mobitex (mirror)Software to decode Mobitex data

PD for DOS Pocsag decoder

POC32 (Deti Fliegel) Pocsag decoder

PocFlex (mirror)decodes Pocsag, Flex, Golay

Trunker the Motorola Trunked Radio System's control channel can be monitored and interpreted

WACARS ACARS Reception and Decoding Software For Windows

WinFlex (mirror, mirror) decodes Pocsag, Flex, Golay

GSM Modem Emulator / PhoneBookEditor (take also a look at the Links and resources)

BGT GSM Free GSM Phone resources, service and configuration Software.

Ericsson (Spinellis) GH-388 Programming Software

Gnokii (Steffan Ulfberg,Hugh Blemings) SoftModem, tools, drivers for Nokia Phones for Linux, BSD, Unix

GSM Gods Free GSM Phone resources, service and configuration Software.

GSM Software Planet Free GSM Phone resources, service and configuration Software.

Handyman Free GSM Phone resources, service and configuration Software.

jstic Free GSM Phone resources, service and configuration Software.

Mobile.box.sk Free GSM Phone resources, service and configuration Software.

NokiaFlasher Software

S10M (N.Hüttisch) Monitor Mode on the PC for S10, S11, E11, C10, C11, CMDX2000, Nokia 61xx

S25Explorer Phonebook, SMS, ... and a lot more.

C/S35Explorer Phonebook, SMS, ... and a lot more.

S25@Once Phonebook, SMS, ... and a lot more.

SagemSecrets Infos and Software for Sagem Phones.

Sony Z5 Manager Software for the Sony Z5

The Bios Infos and Software for the Bosch909

Cables Free GSM Phone resources, service and configuration Software.

VBTERM (Tyto) PhoneBook and SMS Editor for Nokia Phones (Spanish and English)

Xtreme Tech GSM Software

Organizer / Calculator Software

CASIF/Win (IMSL) for almost all SF and CSF Casio organizers

Link 1.00 (Casio) for Casio Calculator FX-7400G, CFX-9850G, CFX-9930GT, FX-9700GE, CFX-9800G

FAZ' homepage: PC to Sharp interface using the serial port of the PC. Source code included

PIC/EEPROM/MCU Programmer, ... Software

805B6 (M.J.International)68HC05B6 programming Software

Chip-Cat 2.1Programms Flash+Internal&External eeprom’s on Goldwafer, Jupiter1, Funcard. (all Loaders are in the Software)

DigitalModeSwitch Smartcard Programmer Programms every PIC/AVR + I2C EEPROM Smartcard with one Mouseclick. (Goldwafer, Goldwafer2, Funcard, Jupiter1, Jupiter2, and any other combination). Supports Multimac, Secanix, CRD and integrated Loader.

HCLoad (Sylvain Bissonnette) 68HC11 programming Softwqare.

PC-Thermometer (Alberto Ricci Bitti) Temperature monitoring,-20 to +125, needs only a DS1621 (2.50$) sensor.

PIC Utils (Jens Madsen) for various PIC's and EEPROMS

PIP02 Programmer (Silicon Studio) for some PIC's and EEPROM's (old DOS Software)

PIX 1.13 Programmer (Bengt Lindgrens) for the 16F84 and 24C16 (for DOS, the fastest)

PicCard 2.1 (H@ckTV) Software to read/write the PIC and EEPROM on Goldwafercards

PonyProg (Claudio Lanconelli) AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT90S2343, AT90S4414, AT90S8515, AVRmega, AT89S8252, AT89S53, SDE2516, SDE2526, SDA2546, SDA2586, SDA3546, SDA3586, SDE2506, I2C eeproms (24xxx), MicroWire eeproms (93xxx), SPI eeproms (25xxx), PIC16X84, ...

IC-Prog (Bonny Gijzen) 12C508, 16C84, 16F84, 16F877, 24C16, 24C32, 93C46, 90S1200, 59C11, 89S53, 250x0, PIC, AVR 

UniversalChipExplorer Beta5 for Win3.11(Goran Vlaski) Read/Write

Universal Chip Explorer 32 v0.9 for Win9x/2000/NT (Goran Vlaski) Read/Write various devices (VB 6.0 Librarys, copy into \system\)

SmartCard Emulation Software

ASIM the best GSM SmartCard Emulator for the PC, Sources included (The Android)

CardEmu emualte a smartcard

CRD Generator Deluxe 2.1 (ohne Quiz)

Decrypt Videocrypt/EuroCrypt/MPEG2 Emulator

FreeCam Ein patch für ein CI-Cam um es als EMU zu nutzen

Goldwafer and Atmel files for various Smartcards

Ipnotica Italian Smartcard emulator

MacLog SmartCard logger, Sources in VB included.

MasterLog Logger

SIM_SIM GSM SmartCard Emulator (ChaosComputerClub)

TestCard (Ronny Stern) Emulates a Motorolla GSM TestCard using a WaferCard (PIC16X84 Card)

TeleCards_part1 part2 (from Phrack magazine) Emulates a PhoneCard using a WaferCard (PIC16X84 Card)

Voyager Smartcard emulator (William Jansen)

WallBanger Smartcard emulator

WinDecrypt Smartcard emulator

SmartCard Edit/Read/Write Software

Cardmaster (TvForFree) Smartcard Card Activator

CardBlaster 0.92a (Marco polo) Smartcard edit/clone/copy Software

CardMagic 1.6 Smartcard Software

CardWizzard 1.115 Smartcard Software

Chip-Cat 2.1 Programms Flash+Internal&External eeprom’s on Goldwafer, Jupiter1, Funcard. (all Loaders are in the Software)

Cop Utils (Bengt Lindgrens) COP-read, COP-write, COP-id and COP-verify.

CRD Generator Deluxe 2.1 (without Quiz)

Die Geldkarte 1.02 (Goran Vlaski) displays all interresting Infos from a German "Geldkarte" , a T=1 Cashcard.

DigitalModeSwitch Smartcard Programmer Programms every PIC/AVR + I2C EEPROM Smartcard with one Mouseclick. (Goldwafer, Goldwafer2, Funcard, Jupiter1, Jupiter2, and any other combination. Supports Multimac, Secanix, CRD and integrated Loader. 

EZ-Formatter (SmartDynamics) for CryptoFlex,CyberFlex,MultiFlex,PayFlex, ... and more. (driver maki.rdc)

FMCard for editing ACS1.2/1.6/1.8/1.9/2.1 Smartcards

Gsm_Hack (ChaosComputerClub) GSM D2 Ki extractor for Linux.

GSM SimEdit (Mfg) GSM editing Software

Goldwafer and Atmel files

ReaderSer for DOS (Stephane Bausson & Goran Vlaski ) Read/Write Phonecards

SCAM for LINUX (Tim TimeWaster) SmartCardAnalyser&Manipulator,for GSM ...

GSM Explorer for DOS 2.01 (Goran Vlaski ), Read/Write: GSM and other SmardCards

MacTalk,MakSmart SmartCard explorer/logger/manipulator and more, Sources included.

MagneticStripeCardReader (Goran Vlaski) Supports ALFA and BCD Character set, 75 and 210 BPI, any Track

MagneticStripeExplorerRead and Write Magnetic Stripe cards, RAW mode support, advanced signal and data analysis options.

PC/SC driver (GIS) compatible with the Makinterface/Pro use these Jumper settings.

PC/SC test utility (Vizvary Istvan)  Utility to test a PC/SC driver/devices.

PhoneFileLight (Pipistrel) SimCard PhoneBook editor, (Jumper settings for SmartMouse SM1) (Serial)

PicCard 2.1 (H@ckTV) Software to read/write the PIC and EEPROM on Goldwafercards

SCEZ (Matthias Bruestle) SmartCard Library, T=0, T=1, Sources included ...

Sio/Stest - (Tim Hudson), Smartcard Read/Write, GSM ...

SimCard Editor for Kids 2.02 (Goran Vlaski) SimCard Editor, edit Phonebook, SMS, ReFormat Simcard

SimEdit (Compelson) GSM SIM Software, requires PC/SC driver.

Sim Explorer (Humble) GSM SmartCard analyzer and Ki extractor for Windows

SimScan (Dejan Kaljevic) GSM SmartCard analyzer and Ki extractor.

Smartcard explorer (Smart Dynamics) Editing Smartcards Software

TFK_DIN(5) (ChaosComputerClub) Read/Write Phonecards

WinExplorer (Dexter) Smartcard explorer

UniversalChipExplorer Beta5 (Goran Vlaski) Read/Write

Links and Resources

Amateurs Radio

SEWI Monitoring Page The best digital modes library

Digital Sounds and Applications Download Page Trunker and Etrunk Home, digital modes library

Batlabs information on Motorola Radios

Pager Hardware Reprogramming & Paging Protocols

Hackersrussia Radio recources, lot of Software for Pager, Ham, Radio Scanner, ...

HAM-Pager-Site Project "SAMS " (Short-Amateur-Message-System)

HamWarez Ham Radio Software

Программы для прошивки радиостанций Amateur Radio recources

HamRadio Amateur Radio recources

Strongsignals (Rich Wells N2MCA)  Excelent Radio recources, Reviews, ...

IC-Q7 modification page

Kenwood TH-G71 modification page (KK6YO)

YAESU VX1 Software mods (Goran Vlaski)

YAESU FT50 Software mods (Goran Vlaski)

YAESU FT90 mode page

YAESU FT100 resource page (WM7D)

YAESU FT847 Homepage (Ray W8RD)

YAESU FT920 resource page (WM7D)

YAESU FT8000Software mods (Goran Vlaski)

YAESU FT8100 Software mods (Goran Vlaski)

GSM Phones

AT Commands for GSM Phones

AT Commands for Siemens GSM Phones

ManfredSchreiblehner has always the best GSM links

Nokia 21xx Mobile Phone Communication Protocol

Nokia Netmonitor The best FAQ file

MCU/EEPROM & SmartCards

Attack on a PIC 16C84 microcontroller (David Tait)

Attack an a PIC 16C71 microcontroller (Dejan Kaljevic)

Attack on a Dallas 5000 microcontroller (Markus Kuhn)

Attack on Tamper Resistant Devices

Attack - Breaking copy protection in MCU’s (Sergei P. Skorobogatov)

Attack - DFA (Differential Fault Analysis) (Biham, Shamir) Improved DFA(Ross J Anderson, Markus G Kuhn)

Attack - Tamperproofing of Chip Card. (Ross J. Anderson )

Attack - Tamper Resistance - a Cautionary Note (Ross J. Anderson, Markus Kuhn)

Attack - Timing Attacks on Implementations of Diffie-Hellman, RSA, DSS, and Other Systems (Paul Kocher)

GSM 11.11 (ETSI) Specification of the Subscriber Identity Module- Mobile Equipment (SIM-ME) interface

GSM A5/1 Real Time Cryptanalysis on a PC (Alex Biryukov, Adi Shamir, David Wagner)  (Download the verified A5/1 source code)

GSM A3/A8 Authentication and voice privacy key generation algorithm

GNU Dbox2 Software Project GNU Software for the Dbox2 

EMV 3.0 Integrated Circuit Card Specification

EMV 3.0 Application Specification

EMV 3.0 Terminal Specification

ISO7816 Part 1+2+3 Physical characterictics, Dimensions and location of the contacts, Electronic signals and transmission protocols

ISO7816 Part 4 InterIndustry command for interchange

MagStripe ISO7811 Magnetic cards ISO Standart

MagStripe copier (m0sfet) Lowcost Magnetic Stripe copier

MagStripe Card-O-Rama (Count Zero) everything about Magstripe cards

MagStripe technology all about Magnetic cards readers and writers

"What you need to know about electronics telecards v2.04" (Stephane Bausson) and Chipy

BASCOM-AVR Basic Compiler for Atmel AVR MCU’s, Free Demo for up to 2Kb of code, has Software UART and and and

Mfg’s Homepage Infos and Software for GSM SIM, ...

Scala (Deceed) Telecard logging and analysing Software with example logs

FreeTV various Smartcard Files, … large library, always updated.

Funcard.net Infos and resources for the Funcard …

Geronimo Software and codes for 1Pic (WhiteWafer), MM2 (Goldwafer), TwinPic, Quadra, …

H@ckTV various Files and Infos about Satellite Smartcards

HBEMU Homepage, emulates a Smartcard

KeyTeam various Files and Infos about Satellite Smartcards

MasterCRD various Files and Infos about Satellite Smartcards

The Swiss Satellite various Files and Infos about Satellite Smartcards

Programming and Electronics

Astalavista search engine

ePanorama.net  The best view to electronics in Web

FileSearch search engine

Fravia's archive pages of reverse engineering, the best site of this kind..

Fravia’s MessageBoard– reversing matters,

OTH search engine

Programmer’s Tools - programming  tools

Player’s Reverse Engineering Tools programming tools

RAW Syndicate useful links for everything.

Russian Password Crackers for almost any Password you need, zip, arj, rar, NSS, Outlook, Office, Access, UNIX, ...

Message Boards

IC-Prog all about IC-Prog

Irdeto4free DigitalTV, Smartcards, …

Leo is watching you DigitalTV, Smartcards, …

Makinterface Amateur Radio, Smartcards, GSM, Magnetic Stripe Cards …


If you have any questions/comments about my Software or the Interface, feel free to contact me.
to Goran Vlaski